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Welcome to Trapital

Who We Are

Trapital is an innovative and dynamic consultancy agency for members of both the public and private sectors. We offer advice on security- and risk management and provide our clients with country and business intelligence reports.

Trapital's experts are from all over the world and join forces to come with solutions for clients facing challenges on doing business abroad. We believe that international cooperation leads to improvements in safety and security, among innovations in all areas. Our network of qualified professionals ranges from security managers to country specialists, and from risk analysts to (predictive) profilers. We are always one step ahead in offering our clients strategic solutions. Excellence in delivery has kept us as the industry leader in innovative solutions to a broad spectrum of corporate and individual needs.

Our Values

The foundation of Trapital is based on integrity. Protecting our clients is the basis upon which we have grown and our success is measured by meeting premium standards. Our international team undergoes an exhaustive assessment and training in order to meet the highest standard of excellence we hold Trapital to. Our success is measured by our client’s security and going beyond their expectations.

Note to our clients

As of 1 March 2022, Trapital has ceased its private investigations services in The Netherlands. Please note, we will not accept new assignments related to these services.


Our company is currently headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but will soon relocate to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Security Management

Organisations and companies benefit from a safe working environment. Sometimes, certain security threats come without any warning, whether they are cyber-attacks or physical attacks.

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If your business entails working at high-risk countries, we strongly advise educating yourself in the possible risks and liabilities that you may encounter. This is where we come in and take away your worries.

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