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If your business entails working at high-risk countries, we strongly advise educating yourself in the possible risks and liabilities that you may encounter. This is where we come in.

Intelligence Seminars

In collaboration with our partners, Trapital organizes various intelligence workshops and events for organizations that seek an education on comprehending possible risks in doing business in potential high-risk countries and regions, such as the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The events primarily include guest lecturers, country experts, international entrepreneurs, risk managers and lawyers. The objective of these interactive seminars is to provide participants with important background information before they travel to a high-risk country. This may vary from industrial to socio-political issues and economic subjects to safety risks per country or city. (Socio-)cultural awareness will also be discussed, which often says a lot more about the background of the local population. Cultural psychology entails understanding the practices of individual human psychology in an institution. When engaging in business at countries with a different culture, a bevy of cultural differences in psychological processes, reasoning styles, motivation, and expression will be encountered. Having this knowledge beforehand in dealing with business ventures in high-risk countries is very informative. Cultural differences are prevalent in the structure of institutions and businesses. In the age of globalization, as our clients engage with a culture’s practices and institutions, their thoughts and behaviors come to reflect the culture’s values and beliefs. At Trapital, we carry a unique niche: our team carries the cultural expertise to prepare and secure you in your business venture abroad.