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Organisations and companies benefit from a secure working environment. Sometimes, certain security threats come without any warning, whether they are cyber-attacks or physical attacks. That can have such an impact that the organisation’s right to exist is at stake. Trapital gives advice to organisations and companies about how to protect themselves against such a threat.

Security Management

When there is a threat, the source is often difficult to trace. It may involve a complex combination of several sources, or be the result of problems within the organisation of a business relation. No matter how complex a certain threat may be, we advise our clients to always be properly prepared to reduce such security risks.

Due to the increase in certain risks worldwide - where governments cannot always guarantee the security of your organisation - security managers and commercial consultants are becoming increasingly important.

Trapital helps organisations to identify security threats, and gives them advice on the implementation of a reliable system of proactive checks and detection checks. This enables organisations to minimise the risks to an acceptable level. One of our methods is 'red teaming', which is an excellent method to analyse existing structures, IT systems and other systems within your organisation from the perspective of a potential opponent.